The History

After many years of "Static" Christmas light displays, I wanted to give it a go at a show sync'd to music. There were some wild videos on YouTube that got me really interested. After a fair amount of research I decided to take a "Do it Yourself" approach. This was greatly influenced by costs of the equipment needed to make lights blink to music. I am way to cheap to spend a ton of money to make lights blink to music, but the DIY method was way more reasonable in price. What is the DIY method? Well you basically start with a bare computer board (PCB), a pile of electronic components and a soldering iron. I was a bit apprehensive at first since I had never really done anything like this before. I watched videos on YouTube so I could learn to solder, took my time and followed directions. After 1200+ solder joints, low and behold, the darn thing worked !! This part was just the hardware to turn a light on or off. The next step was to use a piece of software to sync the lighting to music files. This is a very manual and time consuming process. I'm sure the family is sick of me sitting in the kitchen listening to constantly replaying the same Christmas song over and over and over and …

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